Greetings, salutations, welcome, and hello. I’m Anne and you’ve just found my writing blog. I’ll keep this intro post brief, since you probably don’t care much about me as a person and rather want to know about me as a writer, but for the sake of being thorough I’ll say that I’m under 30, currently employed and in school, fond of cats, and prone to abusing sarcasm. I’m strictly an amateur when it comes to writing, though one day I hope to change that, and my genre of choice is fantasy more broadly and light-hearted urban or high fantasy more specifically. I have been known to branch out on occasion, but magical anything is where I’m most comfortable.

This being my writing blog, I intend (read: hope) to use it to document my writing process from brainstorming to editing to, if such a miracle should occur, selling something. Given that I’ve currently never gone beyond the beginning of the editing process, said miracle is quite a ways away at best. But still. I write out of love, not for want of profit (though profit would be much appreciated) and I’m the kind of person who likes talking about writing just as much as I do actually writing, so what better platform than the internet?

Anyway, I hope you find some of my musings and/or rambles interesting, informative, or entertaining. I can’t promise anything like a regular schedule, and I jump from project to project on a whim, but I’ve been informed that my conversational style is engaging, so hopefully that crosses over into here and someone can take something from it. If nothing else there will be yet one more blog on the internet, and we all know that there aren’t enough of those out there already.


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