Camp NaNoWriMo Project — day 1

So today was the first day of June, and therefore the first day of Camp Nanowrimo. Because I promised to blog Camp Nanowrimo (details here), here’s my first report:

I finished the day with just over 11,000 words, which is fewer than I was hoping for but still a respectable amount. All of them belonged to Amberspun Spiderwebs, which is my official Camp Nanowrimo project and the one that I’ll be blogging from now until the final edit, assuming there ever is one. The writing went really well. Like I was hoping, the characters developed minds of their own and took the story in a direction I wasn’t expecting, which is always nice. Like I said last time, half the fun of writing for me is figuring out the plot along with the characters, so when they veer off in an unexpected direction it’s quite exciting. So far my two main characters bounce off of each other nicely, and I think my pacing isn’t too awful. Pacing tends to be a problem for me, so I’ve been trying to improve it for the past year or so. Currently I’m just about to end my second chapter and several things have happened to move the plot forward, so there is hope.

I’ve refined my overall Camp goal and it’s now to finish workable drafts of both Amberspun Spiderwebs and Skytouched. Workable, in this case, means proofread and without nonsensical tangents. I want something I’ll be able to start editing without having to go in and correct all the spelling mistakes and remove the extra chapters on the battle of Waterloo. I’ve rounded this to 130,000 words, though it may come out to a bit less since I’ve already started Skytouched. I’m thinking 80k for Amberspun Spiderwebs and 50k forSkytouched, but both are just ballpark figures. I’m not great at judging length, partly as a result of the aforementioned pacing problems.

Other than that not much to report. Expect these entries to be fairly short, since they’re really just progress reports. I’ll do my best to keep real content coming as well, though I don’t promise to be anything more than my usual sporadic self.


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